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Our commitment to sustainable development helps to make renewable generation a viable option for the future.

Tata Steel is committed to playing an active role in building a sustainable future. Our aim is to incorporate sustainability into all our activities. Steel is one of the world’s most recyclable and recycled materials – much of the steel in use today will be recovered, melted and used again by future generations in completely different applications.

Tata Steel believes that care for the environment is essential for the well-being of society and for the future success and prosperity of industry. We see environmental protection as a global responsibility, and the principles of sustainable development are embedded in all aspects of our operations. Our involvement in the renewable energy industry is fundamental to achieving our vision of a sustainable future.

We were able to supply our expertise to the UK's first offshore wind farm, and we are now involved in developing ground-breaking new technology to generate electricity from tidal flows.

Our expertise and forward-looking approach, combined with our world-leading steels, helps customers develop their own renewable energy projects and play an important role in building a more sustainable future for generations to come.