At Tata Steel, we are committed to making the products society needs for a sustainable future and to making them responsibly.

We understand the major global challenges of the 21st Century and that to ensure a sustainable future demands change. We are committed to making a sustainable future a reality. We understand that we have a responsibility to manage our operations in the best way we can and that we must work with those directly affected by our operations.

However, we also understand that the biggest impact we can have is to create the steel products to enable a sustainable future. That is why our promise is two-fold: to make the products society needs and to make them responsibly. By adopting this approach, we aim to play our part in moving towards a sustainable future.

Steel is an essential material, intrinsic to our way of life and to the products society will demand in a sustainable future. Steel is a uniquely sustainable material because once made, it can be used, as steel, for ever.