Products & Services

Securing our global energy supplies depends upon a wide range of solutions from oil and gas through renewable technologies such as solar, wind, tidal and wave power. High performance steels, backed by dedicated support and expert advice, fulfill a whole range of applications in the energy market.

By working in partnership with our customers we deliver the correct product to meet their specific project needs.   

From offshore steel products for oil and gas installations right through to high strength bearing and gearing steels for use in wind turbines, our products consistently perform and deliver value to our customers.

Our product range includes steel plate, coil, tubulars, sections and line pipe. Additional processing options are also available including coating, profiling and welding.  For high pressure, high temperature wells we have a range of insulation solutions all engineered to deliver results against your project challenges.  

Through our excellent links with third party suppliers we are able to deliver full project packages including seamless pipe, bends and anodes.  This total solution philosophy reduces contractual risk and complexity for our customers.

Tata Steel manufactures a wide range of products for all aspects of energy extraction and generation. We have invested in our mills to develop our capability and expand our product range to meet the changing needs of the industry. Whether you are looking to purchase steel plate, tubulars, pipes or sections, our quality assured, European manufacturing plants are all supported by our extensive R & D capability. We can work together with you to advise the optimum steel solution for your specific project challenge.

We understand that a complete steel package is not just about the product but also service and additional processing options to improve supply chain efficiencies. We operate in a truly global industry and therefore our extensive network of international sales offices is invaluable in providing in-country expertise and guidance in your time frame and your language. We have invested in our mills to develop new processing capability, expanding our range of services so that we can deliver part-processed tubular or plate products which are ready for fabrication at our customers' plants.

Why Tata Steel?

  • Extensive portfolio of steel products and services for all energy and power applications
  • A global network of sales offices providing expertise and service in your region
  • Process facilties for cutting, welding, coating and profiling steel products to suit your bespoke requirements
  • Total steel supply package philosophy reducing your contractual risk and complexity